Vision & Values

Research shows that for any educational institution to meet the needs of its community it must be clear in its purpose. To this end, our college has worked intensively over the past year to develop our vision, values, mission, and motto. We’ve taken the time to listen, discuss, and collaborate with our community, and the results are clearly evident in this document which offers up the lens by which to view our work.
Overall, we consulted with over 150 of our students and over 120 of our staff, parents and community members. They provided the values and beliefs that they would like to see contained in our college’s values and beliefs statement, subsequently resulting in our College Council endorsed Statement of Values and College Philosophy policy. This document outlines our college’s vision, our values and our expectations for all members of our college community.
To embed and celebrate our Statement of Values and Philosophy within our college community, we intend to:
• Display posters and banners that promote our values
• Celebrate our values in our newsletter and online communication platforms
• Provide awards and recognition for students who actively demonstrate
our values
• Discuss our values with students in the classroom, meetings and assemblies.
• Model our values in all our interactions
The college is now developing processes and procedures to underpin our vision and values in our day-to-day work.
We thank all involved in the process and very much look forward to enjoying the benefits that clarity brings.

Our student leaders provided valuable input into the process of deciding what our vision and values should look like.

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