The canteen at Kurunjang Secondary College is operated by Metro Canteens and can be accessed during recess and lunchtime. Specialising in school canteens, Metro provides students with an interesting and nutritious variety of food choices.  

Students can pay with cash or bank cards. Payment using a mobile phone/device is not permitted at the Canteen as per the Mobile Phone Policy.  

Lunch orders for special menu items or dietary requirements are available and must be ordered before the end of recess.

Canteen Menu

Variety of Food 

We emphase on using farm fresh, ingredient driven homemade items. Our menu, includes delicious pizza, burgers, pastas, soups, salads, sandwiches and rolls, plus a range of vegetarian, gluten free and halal.

Competitive Pricing

It is in our interest to ensure that the pricing of our food items is affordable and not higher than nearby food outlets. 

Staff Training

Our staff are trained to Metropolitan Canteens standards in customer service, food preparation and canteen operating systems. 




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