College Uniform

Uniform at Kurunjang

The uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the UniformPolicy. The policy can also be found in the students’ planners.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

The Uniform shop is located at the front of the school and is open on Thursdays From 8:00 to 9:00 am and 2:30 to 5:00 pm.

Phone: 9746 6865 available during opening hours

Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and Layby are all welcome.

To make a booking head to the Uniform Shop page.


In recent weeks, I have been reviewing how our students at Kurunjang Secondary College are wearing the college uniform in line with the College Council’s endorsement. While most of our students are adhering to the expectation of wearing the school uniform in a neat and appropriate manner, there are still some students who are not.

It is an expectation that students wear the college uniform in a manner that is respectful and modest.

Kurunjang Secondary College takes great pride in its students and entrusts that the college community also exhibits this pride and that our students present themselves in a neat and modest manner to the wider community.   Also, if you are experiencing any financial difficulties in relation to replacing items, please inform the college as soon as possible for support.

Yours sincerely,


Mr John Mitsinikos
College Principal


Uniform Policy

The full uniform policy document can be downloaded here – UniformPolicy.


Black plain leather, polishable lace up school shoes for boys and girls. Girls are also permitted to wear black leather, polishable T-bar shoes. Please note: Shoes should be all black, with shoe laces totally black.


Students are reminded that socks at the College should be plain, with no logos or other designs.


Students are expected to bring a pair of runners for use in Sport subjects. Students are not permitted to wear their school shoes while participating in Sport activity in the Gymnasium.


The College blue hat with logo, cap or bucket style can be purchased from the General Office. No other hat is permitted to be worn with the College uniform.


Code Item Size Price
DRE929 White Blue Maroon Dress 10 $65.55
12-14 $67.45
16-18 $71.95
20-22 $75.95
24 $78.85
SHT978 Vic Blue Short Sleeve Shirt 8-14 $26.95
SHT978B Vic Blue Short Sleeve Shirt 2XS-3XL $28.95
BSH929 Navy Boys Shorts 10-14 $37.95
BSH929B Navy Mens Shorts 72-112 $39.95
BLZ929 Unisex Navy Blazer 75-90 $176.95
92-97 $181.95
102-117 $189.95


Code Item Size Price
SKT929 Navy Royal Maroon Skirt 8-30 $75.95
SLK929 Navy Girls Pants 10-14 $39.95
SLK929B Navy Ladies Pants 10-22 $42.95
SHT979 Vic Blue Long Sleeved Shirt 8-14 $28.95
BTR929 Navy Boys Trousers 10-12 $48.95
BTR929B Navy Mens Trousers 72-112 $50.95
JUM979 Navy Pullover Jumper
wool blend 80/20
8-12 $74.95
14-16 $77.95
18-20 $83.95
22-28 $85.95
KT9298 Navy/Red College Spray Jacket XS-2XL $59.95



Code Item Size Price
POL006 Red Sport Polo 2XS-4XL $29.95
USH929 Navy Sport Shorts 2XS-4XL $23.95
SOX004 White Sport Socks $8.50
TRP929 Navy/Red Trackpants 2XS-4XL $52.95



Code Item Size Price
TIE929 Navy, Blue and Gold Tie $17.95
SOX904 White Knee-high Socks 2-8, 8-11 $15.95
SOX176 Navy/White Anklet Socks 13-3, 2-8, 8-11 $4.95
HOS999 Navy Tights S-2XTALL $11.00
BAG Navy School Bag 40 Litre $62.95

Year 12 Jackets

Students will have to decide between one of three options for their commemorative jackets in 2017. Students are advised to look at the PDF below for the different design options and they will be asked to vote on their preferred design first week back in 2017.

The final design will be displayed here so you can see what it will look like.

To see the jacket options download the PDF: Year 12 Jacket Designs