2020 Subject Selection




On-Line Subject Selection for 2020

The process for selecting subjects for 2020 has been moved online. You can access the online form at:

All students from Year 7 to Year 11 will receive a letter outlining the steps to log in to their personal portal including a username and password. If you lose this letter please contact the school for your login details. You will have the opportunity to change your subjects  (up to three submissions in total) so you may log back in at any time to review your subjects. Please see below for some videos on how to login and complete the process.


Year 9

Year 10


All online submissions must finalised by 3.00pm on Friday 23rd August, 2019.


Year 10 students will complete this process as part of their Course Counselling. Please do not choose your subjects before this meeting has been completed.


On-Line Subject Selection Help Videos

The videos below outline a variety of areas in choosing your subjects using the new online process.


Tutorial: Logging into the Online Preference Portal  here

Tutorial: Choosing subjects – Year 8 & 9  here

Tutorial: Choosing subjects – Year 10, 11 & 12  here