Student Support Services

Our Student Support Services Team includes:

Melanie Hayward – Student Support Services Leader


Our Student Wellbeing Team:

· Sarah Bowman – Student Wellbeing Officer

· Chelsea Misiti – Social Worker

· Rebecca Galea – Provisional Psychologist & Out of Home Care Contact

· Errin Sherrard – Educational Psychologist

· Aaron Tilley – School Chaplain, Youth Worker & Breakfast Club Coordinator

· Josie Mitchell – Health Promotions Nurse


Our Learning Support Team

· Donna Gook – Program for Students with Disabilities Coordinator

· Melanie Hayward – Learning Support for Students with Additional Needs (not funded)

· Kerry Howard – English as an Additional Language Coordinator

· Nesa Tuaoi – Multi Cultural Aide

· Geu Athel – Multi Cultural Aide


Our Careers Team

· Lucy Taylor – Careers, Transitions and Koori Education Learning Support

· Maria Cutajar – Careers and Transitions

Our Student Support Services Team offers short term interventions and referral services. Short term interventions includes brief, solution focused counselling, mediation, program implementation and psycho-education. The team offers a variety of lunch time clubs and programs to meet the Social and Emotional needs of the students of Kurunjang Secondary College.

Our Learning Support Team supports students with their educational needs, and with funding ensures additional support. Individual Education Plans are implemented to ensure teachers are familiar with strategies that best support student learning.

Referrals are made connecting students with a wide variety of support services within and external to the school. Kurunjang Secondary hosts the following services on site: · Doctors in Secondary Schools Service – Utopia Medical Clinic – See Doctors in Schools

· Private Psychology Services – Therapy via Mental Health Care Plan access

· Odyssey House – Drug and Alcohol Counselling support

· Speech Therapy – Via school allocation based on need

· Reconnect – Support for young people at risk of homelessness

If you have any student support concerns please contact the school on 9743 9211.

See also Doctors in Schools