My City Experience

This is the home base to stay informed of everything relating to the KSC Melbourne City Experience excursion run for all of our Year 9s. There are several easy ways to keep up to date and be involved.

The 5-day My City Experience program provides an educational, cultural and fun experience for Year 9 students who will gain valuable skills in Civics and Citizenship and Communication while interacting with the wider community. This is a cross-curriculum program where students are able to access their knowledge from core Year 9 subjects as well as electives, in order to create a hypothesis in relation to the City of Melbourne. Students build their interpersonal skills by working in teams so that they can make conclusions, and then present these to the school community.

The program includes:

  • Cultural tour of Melbourne
  • Personal Skill Building
  • Interpersonal skill building
  • Safe and appropriate behaviour in the city
  • Visits to various Melbourne landmarks
  • Creation of hypothesis
  • Data collection
  • Drawing conclusions from data
  • Presenting

You can follow along with one of the many blogs that will be run by both the staff and students. This year we are introducing blogging into the MCE and each group (as well as the staff) will be running a blog with picture highlights and information they find during their exploration of the city. You can find the links to the blogs below

MCE Blogs

If you wish to follow along with our students’ blogs you can click the links below:

Week 6 Groups


Week 4 Groups


You can also keep this page bookmarked and we will keep photos, new items and any booklets available for download regularly updated throughout the weeks leading up, during and just after Melbourne City Experience runs.


If you have any questions about KSC Melbourne City Experience feel free to contact the school and speak with Mr. Bykersma.