Doctors in Schools Service

We are delighted that the Doctors in Schools Service will be operational on Wednesdays during school hours for student access.

Students who wish to make an appointment are able to do so by completing the online form at: Doctors in Secondary School. Alternatively, students can see a Student Support Services Team member to assist them in accessing this online form.

The next available appointment will be made and a note sent with a designated time to students in home group or class. This is done privately using the same note system in place for all Student Support Services sessions.

All appointments with the service are confidential as is the case with all medical appointments. For all enquiries regarding the Doctors in Schools Service, please do not hesitate to contact the college and speak with Melanie Hayward, Student Support Services Leader.


COVID practices

Our walk in service is not currently available to make your own appointment with the Doctor in person due to COVID-19. All appointments must be made using the online form.

Should we be in remote learning circumstances, the Doctor is still able to provide telehealth appointments.

The Doctor will be asking students COVID screening questions prior to accessing the clinic in line with practice guidelines.

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