This year a number of Kurunjang students have experienced the fun and excitement that debating has to offer. Debating involves a formal argument between two sides and each speaker has their own specific role.

Topics such as, ‘That Magazines  Should Stop Using Photo Editing,’ ‘That we Should Have Compulsory Military Service’ and ‘That We Should Stop Celebrating Australia Day,’ have been taken on, testing students’ abilities to develop convincing arguments and implement a range of evidence. Participating in debating at Kurunjang provides students with the opportunity to further develop their confidence and public speaking skills. Debating also involves considerable team work and the opportunity for students to get to know others outside of their own classes.

St Bernard’s College in Essendon is host to the DAV competition and debating is open to students of all year levels. Both staff and students are enthusiastic about Kurunjang’s continued involvement in the DAV.