Examinations at Year 9 – Semester 1, 2017

Event date: June 5, 2017 - All Day

As the end of the semester approaches, so does the examination period for students in Years 9.  Every Year 9 student will be required to sit an examination in each of their core subjects only.

The purpose of examinations at Year 9 is to:

  • Provide students with a range of experiences in order to reduce tension that typically occurs in Year 11 and 12 when students undertake their VCE.
  • Develop skills in preparing for and completing tasks given a time constraint. Such skills should also assist students to improve their performance in things such as job interviews.
  • To de-mystify the examination experience and ultimately improve performance in tests and examinations.

The examinations at Year 9 will occur during a double period according to the timetable indicated below:


  Year 9
Monday 5th June Tuesday 6th June
Period 1 & 2 English Exam Mathematics Exam
Period 3 & 4 Science Exam Humanities Exam
Period 5 Supervised Private Study in Exam Room Completion of DET required survey


Note:  Examinations are compulsory for all students.  A medical certificate should be supplied if a student is ill.  Students who are absent from an examination will still be required to complete the examination and this is likely to occur after school.

Normal classes for Year 9 students will only be disrupted on Monday 5th June and Tuesday 6th June.

If a student misbehaves during the examination, they will be removed from the exam, and required to re-sit the examination at a time to be arranged after school.

Should you have any queries regarding the examination at Year 9, please feel free to contact the college.  I also encourage you to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your son / daughter’s progress with his / her Year Level Co-ordinator.

Yours sincerely


Mr. Shane Cole                                Ms. Erin Nugent

Assistant Principal                           Year 9 Coordinator