Examinations at Year 11 – June 2017

Event date: June 7, 2017 - All Day

As the end of the semester approaches, so does the examination period for students. Examinations at Year 11 will occur throughout the week from Wednesday 7th of June – Tuesday 13th of June according to the attached timetable here

Year 11 students will only be required at school when they have a scheduled exam. Students must attend in full school uniform.

Every Year 11 student will be required to sit an examination in each of their subject areas.

Note: Examinations are compulsory for all students. A medical certificate should be supplied if a student is ill. Students who are absent from an examination will still be required to complete the examination and this is likely to occur after school.

  • Students will be required to attend school when they have an exam scheduled. If your child is unable to go home after the examination, they may remain at school and access the school’s resources to prepare for the examinations. Please contact the college if you wish for this to occur.
  • Normal classes for Year 11 students will be disrupted from Wednesday 7th of June through to Tuesday 13th of June. If a student misbehaves during the examination, they will be removed from the examination, and required to re-sit the examination at a time to be arranged.
  • Students who are enrolled in VET will be expected to attend their VET classes as normal. An alternative exam date will be arranged to allow students to catch up on exams they have missed.
  • Students enrolled in a Year 12 subject will need to attend their normal classes on these days if they do not have an exam.

The Year 11 Student Planner has a number of articles that you may be able to work through with your child to assist them in preparing for the examination. These sections are:

  • How to lead up to Exams/Assessment p13
  • Build Exam/Assessment competence p14
  • Exam/Assessment questioning confidence p14
  • How to prepare for Exam/Assessment p14
  • Exam/Assessment day routines are p15
  • Brain Coding Exercises p100
  • Tension – Reducing p102
  • Exam terminology p173

Should you have any queries regarding the examination at Year 11, please feel free to contact myself at the college. I also encourage you to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your child’s progress with his/hers Year Level Co-ordinator.

Yours sincerely

Dean Cove                                                                               Aylin Gokmen

Head of Senior School                                                             Assistant Principal