Senior Students

Dear Senior Students.

After consulting with a number of other schools in our area the Senior School team have decided to continue with the present arrangements for remote learning at Kurunjang SC, which will be reassessed following May 11th 2020.

We have made this decision to allow us to best cater for your learning in the present remote learning environment. Teachers have been asked to continue delivering the coursework and assess you for your S/N using the classwork and hurdle tasks. Please make sure that the work submitted is your own, as you will be asked to sign an authentication form to satisfy VCAA rules.

At this time, we will not be assessing you for your numerical result in relation to your Unit 3 school assessed coursework.

Please make every effort to keep in touch with your teachers and continue to complete the online learning, making sure to seek feedback form staff when you are unsure.

The VCAA have also altered the timelines for Year 12 students, which will allow the teachers to work with and further support you with Unit 3 coursework on your return from the remote learning environment, which we all hope will be sooner rather than later.

Based on the present VCAA advice also please be aware of the following information.

Study Designs

There have been changes to all Unit 4 study designs to reduce the amount of content and school-based assessment tasks where possible to relieve pressure on you in this remote and flexible learning environment.

When we begin Unit 4 teachers will make you aware as to what has changed and what you need to focus on to achieve your best result.


End of year VCE examinations have been postponed until December 2020.

Exams will reflect ONLY the key knowledge and skills from the 2020 revised study designs:

We are not expecting significant changes to length of exams


At this stage, the GAT is likely to be October/November.


There are no changes to the curriculum or the requirements to achieve the Foundation, Intermediate or Senior VCAL certificates.

Students will have more time to complete the VCAL program as a result of the VCAA altering timelines ensuring students have the opportunity to meet the set competencies.

VET requirement for VCAL students in 2020

The VET requirement for VCAL students remains the same as in previous years. At the Intermediate and Senior VCAL levels, students must complete a minimum of 90 hours of units of competency to meet the Industry Specific Skills (ISS) Strand.


VTAC have confirmed that adjustments in the Study Designs will have no impact on the prerequisites for tertiary placements. Tertiary providers are looking at making the necessary adjustments to their programs to accommodate student learning.

Study scores and ATARs will be calculated as per normal.