U14 Rugby Girls

Mortisha Tovio 7B1, Dakota Leanbourn Waipouri 7B1, Emily Muscat  7A2,  Diandra Rizzo – Captain 9B1

Jessie Sauao  7B1, Isabella Vanboxtel  9A1, Claudia Sierra 8B1 & Parneet Kaur 7C1

So proud of our girls… who practiced…believed … and although we only had one substitution… continued our schools tradition of courage(fortitude) and fair play… Katie Ezekiela our student coach was inspirational…keeping them believing…encouraging them and supporting our players on and off the field… thank you Katie for having our girls humming kia orana.

Our u14s were led by our captain Diandra Rizzo who was supported by Isebella Vanboxtel and Jessie Savao as our leadership team who kept our players focused, motivated and upbeat. We played strong op-position from Sunshine College, Tairnet P to 9 College and the Grange. Our players gave it heaps and although we went down our young players never gave up and improved each game… our small band of young warriors showed plenty of spirit and guts. We had many moments to remember like Emily Muscat flying out of the line sprinting at an opposition player easily twice her size…and BAM…she made a ball and all crunching tackle … a tackle she had just learnt before the game…or Dakota and Diandra sprinting through and around the opposition for long distance tries… so sweet moments well done to our courageous and teachable young players…kia kaha Tamariki ma you showed plenty of tika…

For the record: Captain Diandra was very influential in the game… she led by example on and off the field…she kept her players focused and happy… Defensively she was solid and was usually the first to take on the big powerfully built opposition…and as the day progressed her technique kept improving and her actions seemed to say loudly” Come follow me!!!”Jessie looked natural with the ball in hand and as one of our few play makers worked tirelessly to create attacking opportunities for our team … Jessie has lots of potential and with effort Jesse could go a long way. Isabella worked well as the third member of our leadership group…. Bella was focused and her words were supportive of her team mates… on the field Bella gave it a real good crack…running, passing, learning from mistakes, and developing her tackling ability…well done. Mortisha initially came along to support her friends…was very gutsy for playing…thank you…with the bonus that she developed well as the day progressed…running, tackling and going where ever she was asked to go…even when she was sore…great attitude. Dakota was our little live wire with hand eye coordination … she quickly learnt to use technique when confronted with the bigger opposition… keep it up well done. Emily our ever ready battery showed bravery and determination… she attentively listened to direction and was willing to try it on the field… good work. Claudia our AFL footy recruit gave rugby a good crack…she ran, tackled, and passed when required…she had a good attitude listening to feedback and doing her part on defence. Parneet developed as the day progressed and by the third game showed that her passing and tackling technique had improved…Parneet had a great attitude… and with work on her ball skills she will keep improving.

Special thanks to Mr Cullum and Mrs Hardham for their words of support to our students.  Also Mr Cullum for driving us safely to and from the park…

Kia ora u14

Phil Schwalger