Child Safety Standards

Dear Parents and Carers,

In light of recent Government Child Safety Standards and our commitment to the care of our students, the college will implement a new and secure process for the early collection of students from the college.

If the parent/carer is known to the college and has unrestricted and legal access, then early leave, within due reason, will be allowed.

If the college does not readily know the parent, a simple process of confirmation will be followed. If the parent appears on the enrolment documentation, a photo identification process will follow.

However, if someone other than the parent/carer is to collect the student, then there will be a two-step process to follow:

  1. Parent/Carer approval will be sought and recorded, and
  2. Photo identification, name and signature of collection party will be recorded.


If the identity cannot be confirmed, then the student will not be permitted to leave with the person.

The form will then will stored in the student file.

We entrust that this new process will provide a level of safety, security and peace of mind to our college community.


Ms Aylin Gökmen

Assistant Principal

Kurunjang Secondary College