Music: Count Us In

More than 800 Melton students raised their voices to be counted as part of a national music initiative last week.

Kurunjang Secondary College and Wedge Park Primary School collaborated for the Music: Count Us In event where students across the country sing the same song, on the same day, at the same time.

They joined more than half a million Australians, including children from 3400 schools, to sing an original tune called

Shine Together last Thursday in celebration of musical education.

Music director Joanne Zerafa said it was the second time students from the schools had participated in the event. They had spent weeks rehearsing the piece while also putting together a repertoire of songs for a rock concert they will be hosting at the school later this month.

“Approximately 850 students in total from the two schools took part in the event which was a true indication of the power of music,” Ms Zerafa said. “We wanted everyone to understand that music plays one of the most important roles in our daily lives.

“We use music when we are happy, sad, funerals, weddings, exercise, parties and all other celebrations. With the introduction of mobile music on iPod and phones, we can use music to survive our daily lives.”

Kurunjang Secondary College and Wedge Park Primary School students are taking part in “Music Count Us In” performance Nov 2. Pictured front is Amirah (KSC) with Shauna ( KSC), Isabella (Wedge Park) and Ayden (Wedge Park). Picture Shawn Smits.

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