Middle School Programs

4 May 2017

Dear Parents / Carers,
We would like to inform parents that Middle School Students (Year 9 & 10) will be undertaking incursions this term. These incursions will replace normal classes for that year level on the designated day. There is no cost involved in either of these incursions and they will be run on schools grounds in-lieu of standard classes.

Year 9 – HeLiPAd Program – Thursday 18th May

HeLiPAd is a not-for-profit education program designed to increase health literacy in adolescents. HeLiPAd is designed to arm young people with knowledge to help deter them from risky behaviour. HeLiPAd’s vision is simple; prevention is much better than intervention.
As part of this project, medical staff from Westcare Medical Centre have for the past 3 years been conducting workshops in Secondary Schools in Melton. The workshops are run in conjunction with Local Police, Ambulance Victoria Officers, Drug and Alcohol Services and Youth Counsellors.
The focus of the workshops is providing information about the effects of drugs and alcohol, identifying situations that place someone at higher risk of drug and alcohol problems, how to react in an emergency situation, some games looking at decision making to stay safe and healthy and providing information about sources of help and support available to young people in their community.

Year 10 – Love Bites – Monday 22nd May

The Love Bites program consists of two interactive educational workshops on ‘Domestic and Family Violence’ and ‘Sexual Assault’ followed by creative workshops that consolidate the information from the morning sessions.
The aims of the sessions is to promote and model respectful relationships between males and females, to provide a safe environment in which young people can talk about domestic and family violence and sexual assault, and to bring about attitudinal change in relation to domestic and family violence and sexual assault.
The program is run by the Victoria Police in conjunction with the Health Promotion Nurses across Melton’s schools.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the College on 9743 9211.

Yours sincerely,

Shane Cole
Assistant Principal