The Kurunjang College Numeracy Team are committed to supporting students to develop their skills and knowledge in mathematics.

Key lessons in Numeracy are planned collaboratively and documented so that each class experiences a common lesson structure and delivery of mathematical concepts.

Students are encouraged to participate in problem solving, warm ups and reflections, as well as practising mathematical concepts and documenting their thinking.

Assessment and differentiation are high priorities in planning the numeracy curriculum, with Education Support staff, and study hall available to provide additional assistance to students of all ages, if necessary.

Numeracy is essential in preparing your child for future pathways and a wide choice of options for further study and employment.

In addition to Literacy support the GRIN (Getting Ready in Numeracy) Program is being introduced at the College. GRIN provides support to students who are identified as needing specific support in mathematics.

At Kurunjang College the focus in Numeracy is on improvement and growth for all students. Staff are also involved in professional growth and reflection to help extend their capacity as teachers of Mathematics for all students. Staff teach across the 7-12 Mathematics curriculum and work to prepare students in the Middle years for the requirements of VCE Mathematics.

If you have any questions about the Kurunjang College Numeracy program please contact Lou Bentley, Numeracy Leader.