Scoring & The ATAR

Each unit has Areas of Study which contain standards or “Outcomes”. An outcome is what you must know or be able to do by the time youfinish a unit.

Each VCE unit includes two, three or four outcomes. You must satisfactorily complete all Outcomes to satisfactorily complete that unit. Outcomes:

  • set out what is expected of you so that you are clear about what is required
  • help you work consistently and productively throughout the year
  • provide you with experience in different ways of learning

For units 1, 2, 3 and 4, satisfactory achievement of all Outcomes is the decision of the school.

For Units 1 & 2, levels of achievement are measured by performance in School Assessed Tasks.

For Units 3 & 4, there are three ways of measuring levels of achievement (see below).

Three modes of Assessment for Units 3 & 4

School Assessed Coursework (SAC)

This is based on assessment of each student’s overall level of achievement on the assessment tasks designated in the study design. School assessed coursework must be part of the regular teaching and learning program and must be completed mainly in class time.

School Assessed Tasks (SAT)

These are projects, models, folios or pieces of work. They will occur in Media, Art, Studio Art, and Visual Communication and Design, Design and Technology, Food Technology and Systems and Technology.


All level 3 & 4 sequences have at least one examination. Drama, Music and the LOTEs have performance or oral examinations at differing times. Maths sequences have two examinations in the November examination period.

VCE Reporting

For each 3 / 4 sequence of units, students’ level of achievement is awarded using both school assessment and external examinations. The assessments will be reported as either S for “Satisfactory” or N for “Non-Satisfactory”.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) will issue students with a “Statement of Results” at the end of each year. A more detailed description of your achievements is provided at the completion of Units 3 and 4. Your College will provide descriptive reports throughout Years 11 and 12.

ATAR Score

ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (formerly known as the ENTER).

It is a score that many universities and TAFEs use for judging you for entrance to their courses.

It is calculated on the scores you get in your English 3/4 sequence plus the scores you get in your next best 3/4 sequences plus 10% of your fifth or sixth final sequences of study.

If you want to go on to further study after VCE, the best way of maximising your ATAR is to study the things you want to do and that you know you are good at.