Subjects Offered

VCAL students have their own learning program made up of units from the four VCAL Strands. Some of these units will be VCE units, some will be VET modules and some will be special VCAL units.

VCAL Strands

Strand 1: Literacy and Numeracy

Your VCAL learning program must include VCAL Literacy and Numeracy units.

Strand 2: Industry-specific Skills

At Intermediate and Senior levels your VCAL learning program must include a Vocational Education and Training course (VET or VCE VET) or a course of TAFE modules provided by Kangan-Batman TAFE, Victoria University or another institution.

Strand 3: Work-related Skills

Your VCAL learning program may include part-time work, new apprenticeships, work experience and work placement and other units preparing for work such as Occupational Health and Safety, job interview skills and career planning.

Strand 4: Personal Development Skills

Your Personal Development program will consist of units that develop self confidence, teamwork and other skills important for life and work. This may include local community-based projects or voluntary work.