Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a Senior School qualification that is based on Applied Learning. It is a hands-on course that gets you ready for further training or employment.

VCAL has three levels of certificate: Foundation, Intermediate and Senior. Senior is the highest level. You would start at the level which matches your needs and your abilities. For example, if you complete Intermediate level in Year 11 you can move up to the Senior level in Year 12. Each level normally takes a year to complete.

Who can do the VCAL?

VCAL is for students in Years 11 and 12 who need a course based on practical experience.

Are there any entry requirements?

Yes. All students wanting to gain the VCAL qualification must also undertake a VET subject. Students enter the VCAL at a level suitable to their learning needs.

How long does it take to complete the VCAL?

You get a VCAL Certificate for one full year of a learning program. For example, VCAL at Intermediate level could be completed in Year 11, followed by VCAL at Senior level in Year 12.

Where do I do the VCAL?

You enrol at your present college. Your VCAL certificate at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior levels will include a VET study so those parts will be done where your chosen VET course is run. This could be Kurunjang Secondary College or another secondary college in Melton, Kangan-Batman TAFE, Victoria University or other VET providers.

What types of subjects make up the VCAL?

VCAL students have their own learning program made up of units from the four VCAL Strands. Some of these units will be VCE units, some will be VET modules and some will be special VCAL units.