Student Success

Year 7 Student Success Program

At Kurunjang Secondary College our student success program ensures all students in year 7 are given a solid foundation in order to meet high expectations and excel in high school and beyond. This program focuses on the key academic skills needed for effective learning (WICOR):

  • Writing
  • Inquiry
  • Collaboration
  • Organisation
  • Reading

Student will receive one hour of instruction in WICOR strategies each week delivered by teachers trained in the WICOR strategies and supported in home-groups. These strategies will enable students to improve their learning in all subject areas.

WICOR strategies in year 7

The Student Success curriculum in year 7 will focus on the following key areas:

Organisation: students will be supported to maintain an organised binder and planner that ensure they are ready and prepared to learn in all subjects.

Note taking: students will be taught explicit note taking skills in order to effective record, review and summarise their learning.

Collaboration: students will engage in collaborative learning activities that focus on helping each other to learn.

Critical Reading: these strategies will support students to read with purpose and engage with texts more effectively.

Goal setting: Students will be taught how to set effective goals and use these to take responsibility for their own learning.