Vision and Values

Learn, Grow, Achieve Together

The Vision of Kurunjang Secondary College is the result of the collaborative work of students, staff and parents. This is a learning community.
In the 21st Century, students need to continually evaluate new knowledge, work creatively with others, appreciate diversity and think flexibly in a global environment. Students will be team players and goal setters, striving for continual improvement in themselves and their work. At Kurunjang Secondary College, we will nurture each child to develop the skills and values necessary for success and happiness in the 21st Century.


  • High Expectations
  • Respect
  • Perseverance


Our students are prepared for life and success. They are instilled with a love of learning through a supportive and challenging learning environment that strives for excellence. All students are motivated to develop their academic and social skills.


To work together to provide:

1. A Safe and Orderly Learning Environment
2. Teaching that improves literacy and numeracy
3. A connected learning community that seeks continual improvement
4. Learning opportunities and support to access a variety of pathways
5. Opportunities for leadership and personal excellence